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FUMGASS International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival Sponsorship


The International G&S Festival is a 2-week long celebration of G&S held in late summer every year in Buxton, UK. Every day & night of the festival, there are performances by amateur, academic "uni-fest," youth & professional groups (including the English National Company, modern-day equivalent of D'Oyly Carte) as well as cabarets, concerts, lectures, exhibits and opportunities to engage with other G&S-o-philes from around the globe.

The Savoynet Performing Group is a high-quality amateur group adjacent to the Savoynet G&S internet community that performs annually at the festival and casts (via video submissions) the best G&S talent from all over the world. Participants are expected to show up prepared and ready to stage a full production (full costumes, sets, orchestra) the following week. It will be performed for one night only in the Buxton Opera House in Buxton, UK.


FUMGASS believes that providing an opportunity for UMGASSers to attend the festival will:

  1. Encourage UMGASSers to engage in the broader G&S community and learn more about the genre, especially in a uniquely supportive year when they can connect with many UMGASS alums, such as those mentioned above

  2. Give UMGASS recognition in the broader G&S worldwide community and more presence at the international festival, perhaps enabling future opportunities to perform as UMGASS in the "uni-fest" or amateur festival directly at a later date

  3. Incentivize UM students and other new members to join the UMGASS community and encourage current members to stay involved in UMGASS by providing them with the opportunity to participate in a high-quality performance and travel experience that they might not otherwise be able to do on their own

  4. Promote goodwill among UMGASS alums and FUMGASS donors by using contributions to invest in future generations of UMGASSers, engage UMGASS in the broader community and promote learning about the G&S genre


Coming Soon


We will provide funds to reimburse some expenses such as airfare, lodging & production fees to selected individuals provided they meet the following requirements:

  1. Become a member of the Savoynet online community (Google Groups or Facebook) in order to keep abreast of the latest news on the production.

  2. Have been accepted into the cast or crew of the 2025 Savoynet Performing Group's production. For more information about principal auditions and expressions of interest for the ensemble, please see the Savoynet Performing Group Facebook page.

  3. They have participated in an UMGASS production or been a board member within the last 3 years.

  4. This will be their first time attending the International G&S Festival.

  5. Priority will be given to current U-M students.

FUMGASS is interested in sponsoring current UMGASSers to participate in Savoynet Performing Group's production in the International G&S Festival in Buxton, UK.

Our next sponsorship application cycle will be for the Summer 2025 festival.

Application Process

Applicants must must submit an application by the deadline, including:

  • Statement of demonstrated ongoing, active and future commitment to UMGASS and Gilbert & Sullivan

  • Statement of financial need

  • Intent to document their experiences (i.e. in UMGASS social media or newsletters) and promote it to other UMGASSers


The FUMGASS Board committee will determine who will receive funds based on its review of the applications. The application will be due as cast/crew submissions are occurring, and funding decisions will be made shortly after casting/crew decisions are announced. Applicants should email us at once they have their cast/crew decision. This sponsorship is designed to assist, rather than to cover all expenses.

We hope to receive your application. Please email with any questions.

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