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Recent FUMGASS Initiatives

What are we working on?  How are we supporting UMGASS?  Check out some of our recent or current projects.  If you'd like to get involved, email

UMGASS Alumni Facebook group

UMGASS alumni are welcome to join to reconnect with old friends.

See our alumni group on Facebook

Hail, Poetry! Video

UMGASS alumni from all over the world joined together for this virtual chorus of "Hail, Poetry!" from The Pirates of Penzance

Watch it on YouTube 

Tracy Costumes Acquisition

UMGASS has aquired a sizable costume collection, paid for by FUMGASS.

Read more

Shopping Rewards Programs

Your Kroger and Amazon purchases can benefit UMGASS!

Find out how

International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival Sponsorship

FUMGASS are helping UMGASS members to attend this festival.

Read more

FUMGASS Afterglow

At this gathering, FUMGASS members can meet cast members, production staff, the UMGASS and FUMGASS boards, and fellow FUMGASS members.

See the Events page for information about the next Afterglow

UMGASS 75th Anniversary

December 9-10, 2022



FUMGASS operates the Cozy Corner at each show to sell UMGASS merchandise.

More to come.

UMGASS History

More information coming soon

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